Potato Jazz Potato Jazz


Roasted Baby Russets in Mushroom Sauce

Creamy and delicious, great with a steak!

Idaho Picadillo

Mexican dish popular in Northern Mexico but made with Idaho baby russet potatoes. Typically eaten

Baby Russet Cheesy Gratin Stacks

Baby Russets are the perfect size for these mini gratin stacks made in muffin tins. Great for appe

Roasted Parmesan Baby Potatoes

Crispy potato great for a party or side dish

Creamy Potatoes and Mushrooms

Easy recipe good as a side dish or a main meal

Roasted Smashed Baby Russets

appetizer or side dish

Wilcox Thursday Morning Hash

Quick potato dish

Buttery Potatoes with Bacon

Baby Russet Idaho potatoes with bacon and onions.

BBQ Potato Bites

The perfect appetizer - hand held potatoes loaded with bbq pulled pork and cheese.

Baby Russet Packet

An easy potato side that can be grilled or oven cooked creating a flavorful potato that is creamy i

Potato Foil Packet with Summer Sausage and Red Pepper

Easy Flavor Packed Potato Packet

Potato and Chorizo Sausage Quesadillas

Flavorful Potato and Chorizo recipe that will make you want more!

Idaho Nachos

Sliced potatoes with nacho toppings

Mexi Potato Salad

Add twist to potato salad - by adding black beans, chipotle peppers and corn.

Get- ya-going Potatoes

Spinach, eggs, potatoes and mushrooms make this a healthy meal, to help give you energy to get you

Crock-Pot Cheesy potatoes

Easy cheesy potatoes with bacon, cooked in the crock-pot. It's the simple things ...

Potato Lasagna

Who needs noodles? Try this lasagna layered with potatoes instead and impress your guests with thi

Skillet Potatoes with Corn and Peppers

Potatoes, bell peppers and corn make a quick and easy meal good for a weeknight or breakfast side d

Game Day Broccoli Cheese Poppers

Having a Super Bowl party or just getting together for the big day?

Game Day Chili Cheese Poppers

The perfect treat for the big party!

Game Day Jalapeno Potato Poppers

Potatoes, jalepenos, bacon and more create this perfect little game day popper with just the right

Game Day Loaded Wedges

Loaded with flavor that will have your guests coming back for more.

Potato Pancakes

Start the big day off with a delicious breakfast, or use them for the dinner with your friends.

Potato Rose with Carmelized Onions & Bacon

Carmelized onions, crumbled bacon, potato slices and more rolled up into a delectable rose almost t

Be Mine Idaho Nachos

Looking for a recipe for your cheesy sweetheart? You've found the right recipe. Use in-processed ch

Tender Hearts

The perfect side dish to any romantic dinner.

Honey-Sriracha Roasted Potatoes

The classic roasted potatoes recipe with a sweet and warm twist.

Idaho Poutine

You'll be thanking the Canadians for year to come once you try this delicious recipe!

Lime Thyme Hasselback Potatoes

The potatoes spread apart into rip-able pieces as they bake to make it even easier to snack on thes

Loaded Potato Crunch

Experience mashed potatoes in a new and creative way with this baked mashed potato recipe!

Butter Steamed Babies

Love butter? Love potatoes? Well you'll love this recipe for warm potatoes that are steamed in butt

Tater Twists

This dish will make all your friends think you're extremely talented, but this dish is so simple th

Mashed Potato Waffle Burgers

If your heart is yearning for a southern soul food or you just happen to have leftover mashed potat

Duchess Baby Russets

You’ll feel like royalty feasting on these fancy duchess-cut potatoes.

Mashed Potato Pie

This creative twist to the pie family will leave your family filled with warm buttery potato goodne

EZ Scalloped Potatoes

This creative potato dish is made up of delicious layers of potatoes, a garlic cream sauce, and moz

EC Potato Puffs

Needing some creativity for your breakfast? Look no further than these delicious Mashed Potato Puff

Summer Babies

Throw these babies on the grill to add some flare to backyard barbecues.

So-Indi Fried Potatoes

This classic comfort food takes on an interesting new twist with the accompaniment of the delicious

Bacon Sriracha Potato Salad

As well as bacon and potatoes go together, adding Sriracha just adds the perfect amount of heat to

Hipster Chips

Add some new flavor to this usually-boring side.

Sriracha Potato Breakfast Taco

This recipe includes bacon, egg, cheese, but most importantly potatoes. Potatoes fried in bacon gre

Potato Spirals

The little bit of extra work totally pays off with this fun potato side dish. See fried potatoes in

Nicoise Salad

This salad is served cold, making it a great and refreshing side at your summer’s picnics.

Mashed Potato Cheese Poppers

Cheesy. Popable. In other words…dangerous.

Instant Pot Crispy Baby Russets

Yummy and Easy!

Instant Pot Steamed Baby Russets

Twice Baked Potato Appetizers

(InstantPot/Oven Method) Note: All other Easy Creations flavors would also go well with this recip

Crockpot Baby Russets

Twice Baked Potato Appetizers

(Conventional Oven Method) Note: All other Easy Creations flavors would also go well with this rec